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To be a trustworthy, Secure and Preferred Peer to Peer platform that aims to connect lenders with borrows in hopes of building a stronger community.


To enable our users to make and save money by renting products while creating long term gains for the environment and society as a whole.

About Us

At Good Rentance, we work hard to make your renting needs simpler and more secure!
As more and more businesses turn to technology to simplify their transactions, we wish to utilize the elements of technology to help us build an e-marketplace bearing semblance of a community where people come together and help each other grow in a world that’s increasingly dominated by impersonal transactions.

Good Rentance is the brainchild of four hardworking individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit that aim to bring an innovative and cost effective solution to the daily life problems faced by them and those around them.

Why spend money on expensive equipment, jewelry and bespoke dresses when you’re only going to use them once and put them away? Why not rent them instead, at a fraction of their original cost? Not only would it help you save money but it will help you live a more simple, clutter free and minimalistic life. Good rentance helps you find whatever you need at lowest possible cost.

If you’re looking to make some money on the side and have some extra items lying around at home gathering dust, depreciating, look no further. Good rentance is the solution to your problem where you can connect with people in need of those very items, who are willing to pay for them. Rent them for as long as you like and then get them back when you need them.

Great Brains Behind Good Rentance!


I manage the Strategy and Operations, and I say ‘Semper Fi!.


I manage Marketing and Design, and I say ‘Act like a Lady, Think like a Leader’!


I manage the Finance and I say ‘It always seems impossible, till it’s done’!


I manage Business Development, and I say ‘If  you don’t like the way the table is set, turn over the table’!

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Contact the lister, set up a time, Meet & Rent

We Offer!

home delivery

Have our delivery partners deliver the product at your door step.